Founded in 1967 by Tjerk Wiegersma, Wiegersma Fine Art has established a major international reputation for its engagement in European modern art and more especially for its dedication in the oeuvre of the Russian/French artist Ossip Zadkine (1890-1967).

Wiegersma Fine Art has a large and comprehensive collection of Ossip Zadkine's work
and is the definite source for knowledge and information regarding his work.
For any interest in the works of Ossip Zadkine including trading and evaluation, please visit our Zadkine Foundation.

Today, Wiegersma Fine Art is largely involved in supporting and in promoting emerging Chinese contemporary artists such as Sheng Qi, Zhu Fadong, Hong Hao, Mu Jun, Xu Hualing and others.

Our goal is to show, around exhibitions and in appropriate venues, emerging and established Chinese artist's ideas and discourses to the Western audience.

Tjerk Wiegersma, Director
Richard Oudenhuysen

Brussels, Belgium
Phone: +32 477 391 562

Catherine Roisin - Untitled, 2007

Catherine Roisin

Untitled, 2007

Oil on paper