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Karel Appel (Dutch 1921-2007)

Drawing on blue ground, 1959, Watercolour and crayon on paper

Bill Beckley (American 1946)

Heroin trade in Afghanistan #2, 2001, Piezzo print

Headlights, 1974, Cibachrome photos

Bruce Boice (American 1941)

Abstract composition, 1974, Pencil and ink on paper

Alexander Calder (American 1898-1976)

Le profil qui disparait, Tapestry

Bird's Nest, 1971, Lithography

Jules Cavaillès (French 1891-1977)

Nature morte pour un paquebot, 1952, Oil on canvas on panel

La pêche, 1953, oil on canvas

Albi sous la neige, 1943, Oil on canvas

Le bocal à poisson, 1975, Oil on canvas

Les drapeaux, Oil on paper

John Coplans (British 1920-2003)

Heel dark sole, 1989, Black and white photograph

Back with arms above,, 1984, Black and white photograph

Upside down. SP 14-92, Black and white photograph

Self portrait (feet, frontal), 1984, Photograph

Ruud van Empel (Dutch 1958)

Moon #1, 2005, Cibachrome photograph

Lalla Essaydi (Morrocan 1956)

Converging Territories #9, 2003, Photography

Zhu Fadong (Chinese 1960)

Elvis, 2007, Colored pen on parchment

Visa Celebrities, 2008,

Celebrities, Elvis, 2007, Colored pen on parchment

Celebrities, Kodak, 2008, Colored pen on parchment

Coca, 2008, Colored pen on parchment

Xiao Fan (Chinese 1954)

Enjoy 10, 2006, Oil on canvas

Poubelle n°10, 2007, Oil on canvas

Wang Guangyi (Chinese 1957)

Great Criticism Series: Konka, 2003, Oil on canvas

Zheng Guogu (Chinese 1970)

Untitled, 2007, Embroidery on felt

Hong Hao (Chinese 1965)

Hair, 2002, Chromogenic print ed.12

Guide-Yuanmingynan, 2001, Chromogenic print

43, 55, 976, 2004, Photography

My Things About Circle no. 2, 2006, Photography

MyThings-Book-Keeping of 06 A, 2007, Photograph

Jeanne Hébuterne (French 1898-1920)

Self portrait, 1918, Oil on board

Jean Hélion (French 1904-1987)

Orthogonales, 1932, watercolor

Zhang Huan (Chinese 1965)

Waterchild, 1997, Photography

Jean Jansem (French-Armenian 1920-2013)

Les poupées., oil on canvas

Ling Jian (Chinese 1963)

Pop of Sublime 1, 2005, oilo on canvas

Nirvana VII, 2004, Oil on canvas

Portrait, 2005, Oil on canvas

Bodhisattva, 2003, Oil and acrylics on canvas

Mu Jun (Chinese 1964)

Untitled, 2006, Acrylic on canvas

Andy, 2007, Acrylic on canvas

Moisey Kogan (Russian 1879-1942)

Zwei hockende Mädchenakte, 1929, Woodcut

Femme à genoux, Bronze

Quatre nus, 1929, etching,

Deux nus, 1929, etching

Standing female, Bronze

Figures, Pencil on paper

Harry Kuyten ( Kuijten) (Dutch 1883-1952)

Summer, oil on board

Ma Liuming (Chinese 1969)

Face, Oil on canvas

Allan McCollum (American 1944)

Perfect Vehicles, 1988, Acryl on solid cast hydrocal

Dennis Oppenheim (American 1938-2011)

Study for: Hey Joe., 1990, Mixed media on paper

Study for kissing racks, 1990, Coloured pencil, oil and pastel on paper

Warm regards, 2006, Photography

Study for Murder in Hawaian shirts, 1990, Mixed media on paper

Driss Ouadahi (Marocco 1959)

Fences hole, 2010, Oil on canvas

Healthy Trees, 2008, Oil on canvas

A.R. Penck (German 1939)

Untitled, acrylic on paper

Sebastien Petretti (Belgian 1983)

Untitled 5 (Blade), 2009, Lambda print mounted on Diasec

Rail 2, 2008, Photography

Rail 3, 2008, Photography

Sheng Qi (Chinese 1965)

Huawei, 2008, Acrylic on canvas

Blue bike, 2007, Acrylic on canvas

Family on bicycle, 2007, Acrylic on canvas

Three AK 47, 2008, Acrylic on canvas

Ship, 2007, Acrylic on canvas

Marching, 2008, Acrylic on canvas

Sing, Workers, 2007, Acrylic on canvas

Beijing - Bird's nest, 2008, Acrylic on canvas

Red army, 2009, Acrylic on canvas

Red Mao, 2008,

Bicycles, 2007, Acrylic on canvas

Red Flag, 2007, Acrylic on canvas

Red Army, 2009, Acrylic on canvas

Catherine Roisin (Belgian 1957)

Untitled, 2007, Oil on paper

Untitled, 2007, Oil on paper

Ado Sato (Japan 1936-1995)

Rolling Stones, 1966, Oil and acrylic on board

Jose Maria Sicilia (Spain 1954)

La luz que se apaga, 2003,

Maurice de Vlaminck (French 1876-1958)

Fleurs au vase à pieddouche, Oil on canvas

Andy Warhol (American 1928-1987)

Committee 2000, 1982, Acrylic on canvas

Roger Welch (American 1946)

Edwin Moses - Olympics 1976, 1976, Photo collage and ink on paper

Zhang Xiaogang (Chinese 1958)

My memory 1, 2002, Silkscreen

Cui Xiuwen (Chinese 1970)

Angel 10, 2006, C-Print

Angel 8, 2006, Photography

Huang Yan (Chinese 1966)

Chinese Shanshui Tattoo # 3, 1999, Photograph

Liu Ye (Chinese 1964)

For Mondriaan, 1993, Mezzotint on paper ed. 50

Ossip Zadkine (Russian/French 1890-1967)

Musicienne au repos, 1941, Bronze

Orphée marchant., 1930, Bronze

Les trois belles or Les trois graces, 1950, Bronze - Susse fondeur

Formes Feminines or Sculpture, 1922, Bronze. Susse Fondeur, Paris

Nu debout, 1938, Wood

Van Gogh marchant à travers champs, 1956, Bronze

Couple et enfant, 1922, Gouache on paper

Le poête, 1967, Lithographie

Geryon, 1961, Hand coloured lithograph

Le chien de geryon, 1960, Hand coloured lithography

Feng Zhengjie (Chinese 1968)

Chinese portrait, G series no 11, 2006, Oil on canvas

Cornelis Zitman (Dutch 1926)

Le repos, Ink on paper