Ossip Zadkine marble sculpture (detail)

Surrounded by artists

From a very early age, I had the wonderful chance to be surrounded by artworks and by artists coming to visit my parents and my grandparents. Imbued by this encompassing artistic spirit, I quickly developed a passion for the arts. It was therefore only natural to contribute to deepen and to enrich this inclination, firstly for myself but also to be able to stimulate and to share it with others. Thus, art expert, art collector and art dealer soon became my three main activities.

In 1967, at the age of 17, I decided to open my first gallery, by then located in the Netherlands, I moved later to France, in Paris.

In 2005, I chose to stop the gallery activity to better concentrate on specific acquisitions to be as close as possible to the collectors I had met along the years and suit at best their wishes.

Artist Research Centers

Parallel to the activities of expertise and of private dealing, I cultivated and broaden knowledge on four modern artists that I feel particularly close to: Moissey Kogan, Ossip Zadkine, Alicia Penalba and Jules Cavaillès. Consequently, I established three dedicated research centres that I enjoin you to visit by browsing through their corresponding websites and also to contribute to their improvement by registering the works you may have to complete our archives and overall understanding of the artists’ work.