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Wiegersma Consultancy & Expertise specialises in the life and works of artists such as Ossip Zadkine, Alicia Penalba, and Jules Cavaillès. Ossip Zadkine was a Russian-born French sculptor known for his distinctive style, while Alicia Penalba was an Argentine sculptor recognised for her abstract forms. Jules Cavailles was a French painter known for his colorful and expressive works. If you need more information or assistance related to these artists, feel free to ask!

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We invite you to register your Alicia Penalba, Ossip Zadkine and Jules Cavaillès artworks in our database, to help us to add to our ever-growing archives, and we offer you our free expertise.

Would you like to discreetly buy or sell your sculptures by Alicia Penalba or Ossip Zadkine or paintings by Jules Cavaillès? Wiegersma Consultancy & Expertise offers you the best price, more than the big auction houses and we handle the matter discreetly without hidden costs and in this way you are also sure that your transaction cannot be found everywhere on the internet. Contact us for a no-obligation valuation.