Catherine Roisin (1957)

Abstract artist Catherine Roisin was born in 1957 in Brussels, Belgium. After her art education Paris, France and Florence, Italy she exhibited her work in the United States, The Netherlands, France, Spain and Belgium.

Available Catherine Roisin works:

Light and color

Catherine Roisin states: "Abstraction is a language essentially based on the active relationship between the work and the viewer".
It is the void that nourishes the painting and dialogues with the space, in her work light is more important than color. Roisin transfigures the paper into a sensitive medium where light and color meet, at the confluence of space and silence.

Roisin's work is accessible to everyone, in the words of the artist it is up to the viewer to interpret the work through the feelings that the work evokes. Catherine Roisin's work is carefully built up layer by layer, this process gives her work a certain appearance in which the different types of light and angle of light always give the work a different dimension.


Understated and soothing abstraction

The style of Catherine's work radiates a certain peace of mind, it reflects well the state of mind of the artist, in this way she tries to bring the viewer into the same state with her work. Over the years her works have become more sober, as if the artist wanted to get rid of the bulky weight of the memory of the past to keep only the essential.