Wang Guangyi (1957)


Konka (Great Criticism)


50 x 40 cm

Oil on canvas

Signed and dated



Private collection, USA

Sotheby's, Amsterdam, Netherlands


Chinese artist Wang Guangyi was born in Harbin in 1957. 
The painting 'Konka' is a fine example of the great criticism series which he started in 1990 and which depicts propaganda images of the Cultural Revolution and contemporary logos. Konka is a Chinese manufacturer of electronics products and stands for capitalism, the numbers in this painting symbolise the Chinese workers, who are just a number in China. Through his critique, Wang Guangyi's paintings show intricate narratives, demonstrating the artist's role as an active participant in economic and social policy. Guangyi has worked for over 17 years - from 1990 to 2007 - in the Great Criticism style, also known as political pop. The small but powerful painting 'Konka' was made at the end of this period.