Jules Cavaillès (born in Carmaux, France in 1901 – Died in 1977 in Epineuil, France)

One of the leading figures of the Peintres de la Réalité Poétique, Jules Cavaillès is above all renown as the painter of appealing atmospheres and of good times. His paintings commend admiration for their vibrant colours, their generosity, the quality of their composition as well as the general positive energy that exhale out of each one of them. Chiefly inspired by such artists as Bonnard, Matisse, Braque and Renoir, to whom he borrowed the chromatic intensity and tenderness towards his sujets, he has known how to create and define his very own style and welcoming world. From Albi, Paris, Rome, Cannes, to Epineuil, Jules Cavaillès’ landscapes, still lives and open windows instil warmth, reflecting the image of their creator. His altruism also translated into acts as he actively participated to the French Resistance during World War II alongside his good friend, Jean Cassou.

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